Invest to fulfil education needs of the families of India’s selfless and brave Army personnel.

India, it’s time.

The armed forces are courageous, selfless and proud protectors of India.

Now is your chance to stand by them.

With your social investment, you can support the education of the children of Indian Army personnel who lost their lives while serving our nation. Funds raised will help these children fulfil tuition fees, buy books and gadgets.

Invest in their education, invest in India’s future heroes.

Funds raised

Since 1st September 2019

₹2,22,100 has been raised from 26 Social investors so far

How it works?


Choose the amount you want to invest in children’s education.


Get notified when funds committed are automatically invested in families listed.


Identify and track your investments on your dashboard.


Receive repayments that can be reinvested or withdrawn.

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Shrikant, Karunya, and Purusotam others have invested in the education of India’s future heroes.

Swati Agarwal
Shrikant Soni
Mumbai, Maharashtra
Swati Agarwal
Karunya Reddy
Zurich, Switzerland
Swati Agarwal
Purusotam Dabbiru
Dubai, Dubai
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Families funded

All funds received will be disbursed directly to the families accounts after their loan application is processed. School fees will be paid directly to the schools.


Frequently asked questions

Who are the families these funds are going to?

These funds are going on to aid the wards of the Indian Army who were injured or lost their life outside the battlefield (non-battle casualties).

What purposes are the loans for?

These are education loans meant for wards of the former Indian Army personnel. These loans will fund the school fees, tuition books and gadgets.

How much of my social investment goes to the families?

100% of your social investment goes straight to the family's education needs after deduction of a 2% processing fee. There are no other deductions, fine print, or hidden charges.

How will my funds be invested?

Your funds will be provided as interest free loans to the investees which will be disbursed directly into the family’s bank account soon after their application is processed. For loans meant to pay school fees, funds will be paid directly to the school.

Why can’t I choose who I want to invest in?

Getting these loans on time is extremely important for our investees in order for them to pay for the school fees before the academic year starts. We have therefore automated the process which ensures that once the loan application is processed, funds are disbursed on a first come first serve basis.

How will I be repaid?

You will be repaid in monthly or quarterly repayments depending on the loan tenure which ranges between 8-12 months. This amount will be credited to your Rang De account. You can then choose to reinvest in other investees or withdraw the funds.

How can I track how my funds are being used?

Every time your funds are invested, you will receive a notification about the same. You will also be able to track the progress and the status of repayments through your Rang De dashboard.

What does Rang De do?

With individuals like yourself, we’ve been able to aid the needs of the many through social investments. As a platform, this backs our mission of empowering communities and individuals by providing them access to affordable credit.

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