Rang De is India’s first social lending platform where you can invest in people from low income households and earn nominal - moderate returns.

Invest in sustainable livelihoods

Who are our Social Investors?

Our social investors are people who believe in investing in change. Rang De social investors can be individuals or institutions who invest money, time and skills to create real impact. To ensure that social investments are utilised well, we carefully curate borrower communities for social investors to invest in.

COVID-19 Response:

In response to the pandemic, we have waived our membership fee to allow all social investors to invest in borrowers from all across India.

  • Invest in multiple states across India Access a curated community of borrowers from across India.
  • Refer a borrower - more than one referral Help people you trust build a credit score.

  • Invest in one state of your choice Access a curated community of borrowers from one state.
  • Refer a borrower - limited to one referral Help someone you trust build a credit score.


Have some more questions?

Why is Rang De now charging a membership fee?

Rang De has transitioned from a charitable trust to a Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC P2P); a prerequisite to continuing our work. As an NBFC P2P, we do not have access to grants and funds and require a revenue-generating business model to sustain our work.

What if I do not want to become a Believer?

That is completely your call to make. You are free to use our platform as a Seeker, and invest up to Rs.10 lakhs in Rang De investees from your chosen state.

What is Rang De’s revenue model?

In staying true to our mission of expanding access to low-cost credit, Rang De has not and will never increase the interest rate we charge our investees. Rang De receives a minimal 2% (3.6% APR) of the interest paid by the investee. The membership fee you pay is our key source of revenue.

What do you mean by refer a borrower?

It is now possible for you to refer someone you trust to receive a formal loan through our platform. This could be your domestic worker, cook, driver etc. anyone you can vouch for who is financially excluded. By getting them a formal loan, you are helping them build a credit score.