Invest in sustainable livelihoods

Who are our Social Investors?

Our social investors are people who believe in investing in change. Rang De social investors can be individuals or institutions who invest money, time and skills to create real impact. To ensure that social investments are utilised well, we carefully curate borrower communities for social investors to invest in.

  • Invest in multiple states across India Access a curated community of borrowers from across India.
  • Refer a borrower - more than one referral Help people you trust build a credit score.

  • Invest in one state of your choice Access a curated community of borrowers from one state.
  • Refer a borrower - limited to one referral Help someone you trust build a credit score.


Have some more questions?

Why is there a fee?

Rang De curates low-income entrepreneurs and students from across the country for you to fund. This fee will cover the cost incurred for curation, without burdening our borrowers with high-interest rates.

What are field trips?

Field trips are unique experiences curated for Believers. You could visit communities who you have funded, experience rural India and understand your impact better.

What is co-invest?

Co-invest enables you to invite a loved one and invest jointly. As a Believer, you will get access to unique features such as this, which only helps you share and multiply your impact.

How can I refer a borrower?

Rang De offers you the opportunity to refer someone you really trust as a borrower to the platform. This could be your domestic worker, driver, cook, dog walker - anyone who you can vouch for and is financially excluded.