Rang De India, For Education

A clarion call to fellow Indians to come together to help children from low income families get back to school.

Interest free loans for Education

The COVID-19 crisis has adversely impacted the education of millions of children across India. Financial distress of low income families has not just resulted in children missing an academic year but put them at risk of dropping out of school forever. We are extending interest free loans to low income families to enable them to send their children back to school.

Funds raised

Since 1st September 2019

5 hours ago, Jiwan D Jain from London invested Rs.100000
12 hours ago, Ravish Chachra from Thane, Maharashtra invested Rs.100
23 hours ago, our social investor Anand Kumar R S invested Rs.10000


Since 1st September 2019

Student Families
₹0 has been disbursed to 0 student families so far

How it works?


Commit funds that you want to invest in children’s education.


Your funds are automatically invested and you get notified.


Track all your investment activities on your dashboard.


Repayments you receive as Rang De credit can be reinvested or withdrawn.

Join the movement

Join your fellow Indians Roopesh, Sruti, and Ameya to support education for children from low income households.

Kalpana Thakur
Roopesh Kohad
Pune, Maharashtra
Krishnan Iyer Subramanian
Sruti Agarwal
London, England
Vishal Kirpalani
Ameya Waingankar
Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
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Parents funded

Parents in need of funds for their children’s education will receive the amount soon after their loan application is processed. School fees will be paid directly to the schools.


Frequently asked questions

What purposes are the loans for?

These are education loans for children from low income households to continue their education. Loans will be extended for school fees and purchase of gadgets for online learning.

Which states are the children from?

We will be supporting children from across India. We work closely with our impact partners, who are credible community organizations, and have been working with communities to help solve social problems. We have also partnered with organizations such as National Independent Schools Alliance (NISA) to reach out to budget, private schools to support low income families in need.

How will my funds be invested in children’s education?

Your funds will be provided as interest free loans for primary and secondary school education. The loans will be availed by parents of school going children. As soon as a parent’s loan application is processed, the loan is funded from this pool of funds. Once the funds are raised, the school fees will be paid directly to the school.

How can I track how my funds are being used?

Every time your funds are invested in children, you will receive an email notification about the same. You will also be able to track the progress and the status of repayments through your Rang De dashboard.

How will I be repaid?

You will be repaid in monthly or quarterly repayments depending on the loan tenure which ranges between 8-12 months. This amount will be credited to your Rang De account. You can then choose to reinvest in other investees or withdraw the funds.

Why can’t I choose who I want to invest in?

Getting these loans on time is extremely important for our investees in order for them to pay for the school fees before the academic year starts. We have therefore automated the process which ensures that once the loan application is processed, funds are disbursed on a first come first serve basis.
However, if there are parents still waiting for funds, they will be listed here, and you can choose to invest in them.