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Kasturi Dinesh Pillay

#Kind# hardworking
Kasturi needs to clear her debts to live a hassle-free life.

Service Entrepreneur

Pune city, Maharashtra

1,50,000 has been disbursed

137,499.99 is the current outstanding balance

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Kasturi is an epitome of a strong woman who has persevered through the many challenges of life. She single handedly raised her two children and educated them in English medium schools, giving them access to better opportunities than she had. For the last 4 years she has been working in the cleaning and maintenance team at a Clover Builder's property in Pune. Not only is she respected for her work ethics but is also loved for the person she is. Kasturi had previously taken a loan from the bank for her daughter's wedding. With the support of her son, she used to make payments of Rs. 10,500 every month to repay this loan. But due to the unfavourable conditions caused by the pandemic, Kasturi's son lost his job and this has hampered their ability to comfortably repay the loan. In the last three months, she had to resort to borrowing money with interest from neighbours and relatives so as to make timely repayments to the bank. This interest free loan will help Kasturi close off her existing loan with the bank and prevent her from falling prey to a vicious debt cycle.

She wants to go back to living her life with dignity and without any fear.
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Referred by Chandni Sawlani
About me

I was a part of the Empathy team at Rang De and worked there for close to two years. Through this experience I was exposed more deeply to the problems caused by financial exclusion, and strive to help close this gap. I run a business called Moonlight Accelerators to support young game changers create their greatest impact in the world. I am also a co-founder of The Goodwill Tribe, a social initiative on a mission to inspire human connection and compassion. I truly believe that people are inherently kind and compassionate, and wish to do good for others. We just need opportunities, platforms and safe spaces to express our goodwill. Both Rang De and The Goodwill Tribe are exactly that - platforms that empower everyday citizens to step up and create the change they want to see.

Why I am referring Kasturi Dinesh Pillay

Kasturi is a hardworking woman who supports me with the cleaning of my home. She is incredibly kind, and caring and I wish to support her in the ways that I can. Given the uncertainty of the pandemic, it is not known when her son will be able to get another job. In the meantime, Kasturi needs an alternative to make the repayments, that does not involve taking on further debt at high interest rates. I am referring Kasturi to receive this loan as Rang De's provision of interest-free loans would truly benefit her. Through this arrangement, Kasturi will now only be required to make repayments of Rs. 4,167 per month over a period of three years, which is manageable for her. This will allow her to clear her debts smoothly and continue living a hassle-free life as she did before the pandemic.

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