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K N Sharan


logoService Entrepreneur

logo Mysuru, Karnataka

logo 5,00,000 has been disbursed

logo 455 livelihood days Number of days of productive livelihood activity that this loan will potentially facilitate

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K N Sharan


Invest in Sharan's sustainable waste segregation enterprise.

logoService Entrepreneur

logo Mysuru, Karnataka

logo 5,00,000 has been disbursed

logo 455 potential days of livelihood Number of days of productive livelihood activity that this loan will potentially facilitate

500,000 is
the current outstanding balance

Sharan runs a waste segregating and sorting enterprise. He processes plastic waste and sends it off to authorised recyclers & coprocessors for recycling, avoiding waste in landfills. He is planning to scale up his efforts to process higher volumes of waste and the entire process is operationally heavy and a needs huge working capital. As the cash flow in the waste management sector is difficult and access to credit from other financial institutions demands higher interest rates along with collateral, it becomes challenging for a first-generation entrepreneur. With the loan Sharan will be able to run the operations seamlessly and scale up his to recruit more informal waste workers in the formal waste management ecosystem. He wishes to recruit at least 20 waste workers, divert more plastic from landfills and hopes to manage 1114 MT of plastic waste and indirectly impact over 180+ workers over a period of 2 years which would include sourcing vendors, logistics partners, and end destinations.

My dream is to enjoy a secure future with my family.

About K N Sharan Subbaiah's livelihood

K N Sharan is a service entrepreneur who works 10 hours a day for 7 days a week. With this loan K N Sharan will potentially obtain employment for 455 days.

The interest rate charged is split into returns for the social investor, fees for the impact partner and platform charges.

pays The rate of interest charged to the investee

7.00% flat p.a.

12.60% APR

Investor The rate of return an investor makes


12.60% APR

Partner The rate of return an impact partner makes

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0.00% APR

charges The charges, the platform incurs by offering it's services


0.00% APR

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12 months




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Saahas Waste Management Private Limited

Established in


With Rang De from


Founded by

Wilma Rodrigues

Saahas Zero Waste (SZW) is a social enterprise that provides decentralized end-to-end waste management services. SZW works to bring about environmental & social impact based on the principles of circular economy and global commitment to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). SZW has consistently sought to apply principles of circular economy in waste management where systems are developed not only to reduce the generation of waste but also, recover maximum resources from wastes.3. SZW’s solutions are for management of all streams of municipal solid waste and not just for cherry-picking the high value recyclable wastes. Through its holistic solutions, it strives to ensure that more than 90% of waste is converted to resource, thus addressing the issue of open dumping, burning, landfilling and contamination of air, water and soil. SZW believes and has proven that, for holistic waste management, a levy of service fee is essential. SZW has over 17 years of domain expertise and (currently) works across more than 40 Indian cities.





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