Parmod Singh

Help Pramod save for his daughter's wedding by growing his business


Rudraprayag, Uttarakhand

35,000 loan needed

318 potential days of livelihood i

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About Parmod Singh

Passionate Pramod has one dream. He wants to one day see his only daughter happily married. He also wants to ensure that he is able to cover the costs of the jewellery he would like to gift her during her marriage. In order to ensure his savings are in place well ahead of time, Pramod is venturing out to make advancements in his livelihood. He plans to purchase a cow with the help of this loan, so that he can potentially increase milk sales, and hence his income. His long term plan is to start a full-fledged independent dairy business, so he can better provide for his small family. Fund Pramod to make his humble dream a reality.

My dream is to be able to finance jewellery purchases for my daughter’s wedding.

About Parmod Singh 's livelihood

Parmod is a agripreneur who works 7 hours a day for 7 days a week. With this loan Parmod will potentially obtain employment for 318 days.

Interest Rate

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10.0% flat p.a.

18.0% APR

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9.0% APR

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9.0% APR

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0.0% APR

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18 months

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Rang De Credit Rating A B C
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UMM is an apex federation of women SHGs established in 2005, registered under Uttrakhand self-reliant cooperative act 2003, to meet the financial service needs of the poor living in one of the most underserved areas of Uttrakhand. UMM's mandate has been to focus on solutions that provide direct socio economic improvement to the marginalized and low-income households. AT India and UMM work in a predominantly rural, hill-based economy. There are limited avenues to credit access and lack of sustainable livelihood sources in these regions.

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