Sadhana Sathe

Invest in the growth of Sadhana’s animal husbandry business


Solapur, Maharashtra

30,000 loan needed

273 potential days of livelihood i

This loan has been fully funded

About Sadhana Sathe

Sadhana Sathe is juggling motherhood, running a household, and managing a business all at once. She is determined to ensure that her two young children do not face the hurdle of the lack of finances when they venture out to pursue their desired careers. Sadhana is seeking credit to purchase five goats and goat fodder for her animal husbandry business. This is just the first step and Sadhana is dreaming big with plans to purchase fifty more goats in the near future. Invest to see Sadhana succeed and drive change for her family.

My dream is to see my son become a successful engineer.

About Sadhana Sathe 's livelihood

Sadhana is a agripreneur who works 6 hours a day for 7 days a week. With this loan Sadhana will potentially obtain employment for 273 days.

Interest Rate

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10.0% flat p.a.

18.0% APR

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9.0% APR

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9.0% APR

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0.0% APR

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12 months

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Rang De Credit Rating A B C
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Sakhi Samudaya Kosh

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Prema Gopalan

SSK was established by Swayam Shikshan Prayog (SSP), a development organization in the year 2006. Sakhi Samudaya Kosh works to provide socially relevant financial services for rural women and their communities in order to reduce poverty and improve quality of life. Their main objective is to seed the idea of entrepreneurship among local communities and 'create community influencers' for women and girls.

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