Rebuilding Livelihoods

Help rebuild livelihoods by providing low-cost credit to entrepreneurs.

Invest in Entrepreneurs

Our entrepreneurs never give up. Unequal opportunities, an unfair playing field, and now, even a pandemic - nothing deters them. Invest in resilience, invest in a fair fight, invest in the entrepreneurs who are starting and scaling businesses and rebuilding their livelihoods.

Funds raised

Since 1st September 2019

4 hours ago, our social investor Anonymous invested Rs.200
5 hours ago, Hariprasad Kuppuswamy from Fribourg, Switzerland invested Rs.200
6 hours ago, Shireesha parampalli from Bangalore invested Rs.3000
9 hours ago, our social investor Anonymous invested Rs.4000
10 hours ago, our social investor Anonymous invested Rs.200


Since 1st September 2019

₹3,02,35,500 has been disbursed to 878 farmers so far
2 days ago, Rs.30,000 was disbursed to Manju Devi from Samastipur.
2 days ago, Rs.35,000 was disbursed to Nira Devi from Samstipur.
2 days ago, Rs.30,000 was disbursed to Soni Devi from Jehanabad.
2 days ago, Rs.20,000 was disbursed to Nagamma from Chikkaballapur.
2 days ago, Rs.30,000 was disbursed to Javeed Patel from Gulbarga.

How it works?


You commit funds to be invested in entrepreneurs


We invest your funds in entrepreneurs seeking credit


We notify you when your funds are disbursed to entrepreneurs

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Join your fellow Indians Kalpana, Vishal, and Sagarika to support entrepreneurs.

Kalpana Thakur
Kalpana Thakur
Chandigarh, Punjab
Krishnan Iyer Subramanian
Krishnan Iyer Subramanian
Bengaluru, Karnataka
Vishal Kirpalani
Vishal Kirpalani
Lagos, Nigeria
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Entrepreneurs funded

Entrepreneurs in need receive their loans soon after their application is processed.

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Frequently asked questions

What purposes are the loans for?

These are livelihood loans to enable entrepreneurs to start and scale their businesses. The businesses vary across states. Some examples of businesses we have funded in the past are small eateries, mushroom cultivation, handicrafts, retail outlets and food processing.

Which states are the entrepreneurs from?

We are starting with entrepreneurs from Uttarakhand, but will soon be onboarding entrepreneurs from other North Eastern States, followed by the rest of India. We are working closely with our Impact Partners to identify the entrepreneurs who require credit to take the next step in their business.

How will my funds be invested in entrepreneurs?

Your funds will be invested in entrepreneurs utilising a system that is designed to distribute risk. As soon as an entrepreneur’s loan application is processed, their loan is funded from this pool of funds, by chipping into small portions of multiple social investors’ funds.

How can I track how my funds are being used?

Every time your funds are invested in an entrepreneur, you will receive an email notification about the same. You will also be able to track the progress and the status of repayments through your Rang De dashboard.

How will I be repaid?

You will be repaid in monthly or quarterly repayments (the tenure of loans vary between 6 months - 24 months). This amount will be credited to your Rang De account. You can then choose to reinvest in other investees or withdraw the funds.

Why can’t I choose who I want to invest in?

The model of raising social investments which can be immediately disbursed to meet urgent needs has worked extremely well for our investees, and hence has been retained. However, if there are investees still waiting for funds, they will be listed here, and you can choose to invest in them.

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