Priyanka Anand
Priyanka Anand
Priyanka Anand
Priyanka Anand
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Priyanka Anand

an artist and a management professional at Yaduman Art Arcade

location icon Joined June 2020

5,000 is the amount invested.

My Interests...

Painting, photography and story telling

I believe in Rang De because...

Social investment is a powerful concept to empower people by providing interest-free loans to support/start their venture. Rang De has come up with this concept in India and is doing great. I strongly recommend people to associate themself with this platform if they want to support people.

My vision for India...

My vision for India, country, where people can pursue their dream and express themself. A country, where people can earn their livelihood with their skills and finance/money should not be a barrier.
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Lives impacted



Priyanka's social investment has impacted 6 lives across states and collectives in India.

Collectives invested by Priyanka:


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Regional diversity



Priyanka has invested in 2 states across different collectives in India.

States invested by Priyanka:

West Bengal


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Days of Livelihood created



Priyanka has facilitated 95 days of livelihood for investees helping their ends meet.

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First time borrowers



Priyanka has invested in 4 first time borrowers and enabled them to start building credit histories.

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