Support grassroot women entrepreneurs

From Swayam Shikshan Prayog to lead the change in rural economies.

Transform women from beneficiaries to changemakers.

Invest and be a part of the Rural Women Startup Fund. Your fund will provide aspiring women agripreneurs and entrepreneurs with access to training, distribution platforms and peer networks to successfully navigate the road bumps in driving their businesses ahead. Your investment will set off a chain reaction of positive development within small communities, blooming the sector of microenterprises.

Women in charge of rural economy

Improvise livelihoods through women-led change

Swati Agarwal
Swati Agarwal
Swati Agarwal

Swayam Shikshan Prayog

SSP’s programs across Maharashtra, Kerala, Bihar and Odisha have supported more than 2 lakh women from landless and marginalised households, impacting the lives of 6 million people in low income and underserved communities. The Small Farm Model for Rural Women Agripreneurs supports the cultivation and marketing of climate resilient and chemical free produce. The Small Enterprise Model provides entrepreneurship training, linkages and hand-holding support to women desirous of starting a small business. Your investments in the Rural Women’s Start-Up Fund will be utilized to provide loans to eligible rural women in the above programs.

Impact on rural women


Make informed


Create empowered
women leaders


Provide livelihood and resilience to rural families


Form collectives and power economic growth

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