We are Rang De

Rang De is India’s pioneering and only peer to peer lending platform focused on providing timely and affordable credit to unbanked communities.

We pioneered social investing, enabling individuals to lend to unbanked farmers, artisans and entrepreneurs and help kickstart, sustain and grow their livelihoods.

We are on a mission to revolutionise credit access and enable last mile financial inclusion.

The Inspiration

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The Inspiration

When Prof. Yunus and the Grameen Bank won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006, it sparked inspiration for our co-founders Ram and Smita.

They felt that credit could play a transformative role in ending poverty. And so, with Rang De, they set their sights on addressing affordability and access. Read more

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Our Core

Our platform is underpinned by technology, people, and human-centered design to make credit affordable for investees (borrowers) and to create a rich social investing experience for our social investors (lenders). A highly differentiated business model helps us maximise impact, drive profitability and growth.


We are powered by a community of extremely passionate, angel investors who are aligned with our mission and purpose. It includes the likes of Girish Mathrubootham, Arun Jain, Vijay Mahajan and stalwarts from technology, product and the development space.


What makes us unique

We stand for radical transparency. Everything that our social investors would ever need to know is out there for them. Right from being able to choose their investees, to what happens behind the scenes in the organization.

Rang De Isn’t

A microfinance institution

Dream Team

Meet our team of extraordinary individuals, all on a mission to make financial inclusion a reality. Always wanted to be a part of a mission and not get stuck with a 9 to 5 job?

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