In 2008, we were two people with an improbable idea. We truly believed that India could become a developed nation in our lifetime and our idea of Rang De can help us get there.

Now, we are no longer just the two of us. Along the journey we discovered, there were many more, in fact thousands of them who believed that this was possible. Soon we were 15,000 of us. We are a community of dreamers, believers, thinkers, doers. Together, we know - our little will go a long way. A small step for us will mean a giant leap for someone. We are Rang De!

We started questioning the unfairness in the credit industry for the poor. Back then, the poor paid interest rates of 45% APR and more. And these were not even loans from money lenders. We saw credit as that financial opportunity that could help people overcome poverty. A big step for helping India become a developed country.

But soon, we realised a lot had to be changed in the way credit was being delivered to the poor. It was not enough for the poor to just get access to cheap credit but it had to be a social revolution along the way. It was about access, choice, dignity, confidence, inclusion. Some people told us we were reinventing the wheel, but we knew the wheel had to be changed altogether.

This is the age of instant start-ups, when easy VC money starts and ends dreams and ideas in months, if not years. So, you could ask us how close we are to solving the problem, since we started way back in 2008. All we can say is, it took us 11 years to just get started, given the magnitude of the ambition, and problem. And if this community of 15,000 becomes a movement of 1.5 million - then we are getting closer to solving the problem.

Our work allowed us to learn so much and accomplish

We lowered credit rates

Created an active community of social investors

Busted the myth that ‘poor people’ don’t pay back loans

Boosted thousands of women in the workforce with access to credit

And you can help us get there. It's simple, join Rang De's community of social investors, invest any amount of your choice and see the impact you are able to create.

What’s new?

Many things! Starting with the RBI-mandated changes in the peer-to-peer lending space. So, we’re now an RBI-registered Non-Banking Financial Corporation. But our DNA and vision remains exactly the same – to connect the source of funds to individuals who need it the most, and make that a perpetual loop by reinvesting the repaid amount to help someone else.