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sashi kant prasad

Print Service Provider

India, where each one of us is concerned about the well-being of our fellow citizens

vijay yvcs

Working professional

I would like India to be the front runner on setting culture as its foundation for a prosperous nation through education in the value systems and providing practical knowledge which becomes the bedrock for social innovations.

Firdaus Abidi

Retail consultant

India with one religion.... Humanity.

Aditi Khare

passionate, nature loving mechanical engineer

Financially independent, environment friendly, Inclusive India. Best country in globe, where everyone desire to visit and stay

Aditya Rathi

category manager

Development through entrepreneurship and social welfare

Sivasubramaniam Viswanathan


Self-empowerment so we don't go begging

Prem Kumar

future farmer

Giva a man a fish and you feed him for a day. teach a man to fish and you feed him for a life time

Amit Gurkha


Giving back to make positive impact

Kuljeet Sethi

Software Engineer

India needs visionary leaders who can transform our great country, a country which had great values & principles

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