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Kavita Verma

A writer a thinker and a teacher.

All indians should be independent .They should not get any thing for free even from their government or parents .They should have courage to earn evreything .

Sruti Agarwal

Program Manager

Building a strong nation at grassroots

Uma Kuchibhotla

Where people can live in a clean and caring environment and earn a living with dignity, opportunities are more equitable, and governance is without corruption

Ankit Manglik

Senior Partner

India where dont go hungry and are independent.

Akshat Srivastava

an eCommerce professional

Where an individual, no matter where they are born has a chance to better their lives and at least have a measure of hope that they can do it. Access to health, education and a means of living

Vidhya Balachandran

Everyone deserves an equal chance to thrive and prosper

Pari Bhandari


Seetha Kalyani Kotamraju

Kotamraju Seethakalyani

Every Indian to live in healthy environment and fit physically and mentally

Rakesh singh

Rakesh Singh

An India where every farmer loves farming as a profession and it doesn't just remain a way of life.

Alok Pradhan

Financial Services Professional

Access to quality education, healthcare and finance. I believe these are the three pillars to a strong and vibrant India.


Data Manager

A more equitable India where marginalized sections have better access to support and resources to thrive.

Karunya Reddy

data analyst

A place where everyone has the opportunity and means to achieve success and make a net positive impact.

Loveen Vuppala

curious to learn new things

Aspire for a time when there is no need for platforms like Rang De

Giridhar Sanjeevi


every citizen has, with esteem, gainful employment, to be able to provide for himself and his family in a sustainable way.

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