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Rebuild and uplift livelihoods by lending to low-income rural Indian communities.

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Support rural investees from across India by contributing to their loan needs. Get repaid with interest and good karma!

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By enhancing a family’s means of income generation, you will help send children to school, avail better healthcare and very importantly put a big smile on many faces.

Financial Security
Financial Security

Encourage responsible borrowing and financial independence by kick-starting real livelihood projects. Help make individuals feel secure, sound and stable.


Set off a chain reaction of positive development within small communities. The bloom of microenterprises will open up multiple employment opportunities in rural India.

Rang De Impact Rang De Impact
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How do I get started?

Select an entrepreneur

You decide who you want to invest in from our curated community of entrepreneurs.

Invest an amount of your choice. Start small, see the difference and increase your investments when you are convinced.
Track Progress

You stay invested and get to track the progress made by the entrepreneur through your dashboard. You can also go on a field trip to witness your impact.
Get repaid with interest

Repayments are credited to your Rang De account on a monthly basis. You can choose to reinvest or withdraw this amount.

Our promise

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Investees listed on the platform are curated by Rang De and our network of credible impact partners

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100% of your capital goes straight to your investee. You choose who you want to invest in and we keep you updated on their progress.

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We are committed to maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and security of your personal information. Please refer to our privacy policy for more details.

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What is Rang De's mission?

Our mission is to enable Indians to invest in and support the entrepreneurial and educational needs of low-income households. We do this by connecting individual social investors to a community of curated entrepreneurs and students from across the country.

Who are Rang De's investees?

Rang De's investees are individuals and groups who have been denied credit or not offered credit by financial institutions. They are carefully curated by our network of credible impact partner organisations, hand picked by us and who work on the ground.

What purposes does Rang De facilitate loans for?

We facilitate loans for livelihood, education and health needs of our investees. Often, fulfilling these needs are the reason individuals end up borrowing at exorbitant interest rates. Our goal is to expand access to low-cost credit, with the help of social investors.

What is the minimum and maximum investment that I can make?

An individual can lend as little as Rs.100 and as much as Rs.50 lakhs through the platform. Social investors can choose to invest across states and occupations based on their own preferences.

What returns do social investors get when they lend?

Typically returns will range between 3.6% & 9% Annual Percentage Rate (APR), similar to interest earnings on your savings bank account or your fixed deposit.

What is the interest rate that investees pay?

Rang De's purpose is to ensure that investees pay affordable interest on their loans. Our loan products are thus customised for individual needs. The highest interest that an investee would pay for a loan through Rang De is 10% flat per annum which is 18% annual percentage rate (APR).

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