Influence change in the life of someone you know

Refer someone you trust to receive a loan, and help them build a credit score.
Change is coming to those near you.
And you’re the one bringing it.
Through the Influencer Project, you can refer someone you know closely to receive a formal loan through Rang De. This will allow them to build a credit history and in the future be able to access credit more easily from formal financial institutions.

Who can you refer?

Anyone you know, trust and interact with regularly. It could be your friend, a family member or a colleague you vouch for. Your referrals can help people rebuild their livelihoods and the financially excluded with their credit histories.

How does it work?

You submit a referral request sharing information about this person and their credit requirements.
We run this application through our due diligence process and approve the loan request.
You confirm the loan and activate their profile by being the first person to invest in them.
You raise the remaining funds by inviting your family and friends to invest in them.

Why refer?

It’s an opportunity for you to leverage your influence in order to make real change in the life of someone you know.
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Repayments are automated and this system is more convenient for you than informal lending.
build credit history png
You are helping them build a credit history, and hence enabling them to access credit more easily from formal financial institutions.
financial institution
Once their first loan is repaid successfully, your referred borrowers will have access to Rang De’s platform for any credit needs in the future.

Meet our first Influencers

Social investor image

Sourodip Ghosh
referred Nitin Goud

"Nitin is on his way to becoming a successful weaver-entrepreneur and I want to support him get there."

Social investor image

Chandni Sawlani
referred Shamshiya

"Shamshiya has had such a challenging life and I’ve always wanted to do something to support her."

Social investor image

Vivek Joshi
referred Ashok Kumar

"My intention is to help Ashok build a credit score, so he can access banks for his credit needs in the future."

Frequently asked Questions

Who can become an influencer?
Anyone can become an influencer. That’s the power of this project. As long as you know someone you want to support and can trust, and are committed to helping them through this journey, you can become an influencer.
What will be required of me as an influencer?
You are required to invest a minimum of 20% of the loan amount, and raise the remaining funds from your network. We will also need your support with helping your referred borrower set up their automated repayments.
What loan purposes will be supported?
The platform will support education loans, livelihood loans and loans to meet big expenses – like marriage expenses, health expenses and repayments of old debts. We are constantly expanding the loan purposes we can support.
How will this loan be funded?
You will be provided with tools to influence your network of friends and family and draw them into this journey of making an impact. You can also choose to fund the loan yourself.
What are the interest rates on these loans?
As an influencer, you will get to set the interest rate that your referred borrower pays for their loan. You can choose a rate between 0% to 8% (0 - 14.4% APR).
What loan amounts will be supported?
In the pilot phase, we will support loans up to Rs.2,50,000. The amount approved will be determined on a case by case basis.

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