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Meenal Mamdani

A neurologist at retired | Reading, volunteering

Joined September 2019

2,30,702.98 is the amount invested.

1302 days of potential livelihood created.

Why do I believe in Rang De?
I have been associated with RangDe since 2014. I have been amazed at the dedication of not only the founders but all their staff who give their all to this work. It is not just a job for them, they truly believe in the mission of RangDe. I feel privileged to have known such people.

My vision for India
A place where people feel secure to express their views and where they can live with dignity without the threat of rent-seekers.

Meenal’s Investees

Desi Trust

Bangalore, Karnataka

Invest in Desi Trust to support the handloom workers survive the pandemic.


Killo Nayudu

Vizag, Andhra Pradesh

Nayudu needs to fund processing and storage costs to hold on to his produce.


Vanthala Kondamma

Vizag, Andhra Pradesh

Kondamma needs to fund processing and storage costs to hold on to her produce.


Avitso Lcho

kohima, Nagaland

Fund the first round of Avitso Lcho’s massive business expansion


Shravan Atak

Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

Optimistic Shravan is working hard to create the life he dreams of.


Jarinabi Shekh

Solapur, Maharashtra

Support Jarnabi cultivate a fresh batch of sugarcane.


Ashok Jagtap

Yavatmal, Maharashtra

Give Ashok the choice to await a better price for his produce.


Nitin Goud

Khargone, Madhya Pradesh

Support Nitin raise working capital to fulfil a large order from Taneira

Nitin Goud

Shain Mujawar

Solapur, Maharashtra

Finance Shain's goat purchases as she strives to expand her meat business


Julekha Mujawar

solapur, Maharashtra

Support Julekha restock her apparel store as she dreams of starting to farm


Fathima Shaikh

Solapur, Maharashtra

Fund Fathima's goat purchase as she expands her milk business


Tabsum Pathan

Solapur, Maharashtra

Enable Tabsum launch a milk business as she strives to grow her family’s income


Tasalim Mujavar

Solapur, Maharashtra

Support Tasalim purchase six goats as she strives to secure her twins’ future


Pravin Eknath Rajguru

Pune, Maharashtra

Support Pravin empower his only daughter Priya to become an accountant.

Pravin Rajguru

Sultana Mulani

Solapur, Maharashtra

Support Sultana expand her poultry business to grow her income


Rizavana Patel

Solapur, Maharashtra

Fund Rizavana's apparel store expansion as she fuels her son's ambitions


Raisa Bano

Ajmer, Rajasthan

Join hands with Raisa as she launches her retail store to support her family


Shahrukh Khan

Khargone, Madhya Pradesh

Invest in Shahrukh Khan, an evolving ambassador of the handloom craft

Shahrukh Khan

Shakila Shaikh

Solapur, Maharashtra

Tailor an investment for Shakila so she can construct her dream home


Noorjaha Shaikh

Solapur, Maharashtra

Fund young Noorjaha Shaikh so she can fulfill her sons' dreams