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Raising funds for smallholder farmers to be able to access and benefit from technology

Lend now, enable them to flourish

Technology fund for farmers

A majority of farmers in India are smallholder farmers, people who own less than 6 acres of land. Often, due to the size of their landholding, they are unable to get access to technology that can help them get a better yield and manage their farms better.

You can invest in this fund, which in turn will be used to provide low cost loans to smallholder farmers to get access to technology.

Funds raised

Since 1st September 2019

₹3,35,300 has been raised from 26 Social investors so far


Since 1st September 2019

₹3,50,000 has been disbursed to 7 farmers so far

How it works?


Commit funds that you want to invest in farmers.


Your funds are automatically invested and you get notified.


Track all your investment activities on your dashboard.


Repayments you receive as Rang De credit can be reinvested or withdrawn.

Join the movement

Join your fellow Indians Litan, Firdaus, and Gokul to support farmers.

Litan Mohanta
Litan Mohanta
Bengaluru, Karnataka
Firdaus Abidi
Firdaus Abidi
Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh
Gokul Subramaniam
Gokul Subramaniam
Bengaluru, Karnataka
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Farmers funded

Farmers in need receive their loans soon after their application is processed.


Frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of this fund?

This fund has been set up to provide access to low cost financing to small and marginal farmers who cannot afford to invest in technology access for their farms.

How will small and marginal farmers get access to this fund?

Rang De works with a network of credible impact partners on the ground who will assess the needs of the farmers before recommending their loan applications. Each farmer undergoes a credit appraisal and due diligence from Rang De before loans are approved.

What kind of technology support can farmers avail?

Right from drip irrigation, solar pumps to the latest technologies available for smallholder farmers, they can access a range of technology solutions.

What is the interest rate that will be charged to the farmer?

The interest rates will vary from 0% to 5% flat p.a. depending on the cost of the technology solution and repayment ability of the farmers.

Can people from outside India participate in this fund?

NRIs and OCIs can contribute to this fund through their Indian banking channels. Since RangDe.in is a peer to peer lending platform, all social investors would be expected to complete their KYC before the funds are disbursed.