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After harvesting, a farmer usually has two choices - to sell her/his produce immediately at the prevailing market price (distress selling) or store this produce in quality warehouses to sell when market prices are higher. However, placing their produce in cold storage would mean that they would need affordable and immediate credit to begin the next crop cycle. Traditional banks provide loans in exchange for the storage receipt from the storage space. The farmer can now neither free their produce from the storage space until loan repayment, nor repay the loan from the bank with no produce to sell- thus trapping them in a cycle of debt. Your investment in this fund will be used to provide immediate post-harvest credit to farmers in Yavatmal, through our impact partner Gramheet.

Loan Details

  • Loan Tenure: Between 4-12 months
  • Interest Rate: Upto 9% APR (depends on the crop variety, quantity, and repayment ability of the farmer)
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